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The Power Of One Customer

Posted by David Laity on
The Power Of One Customer

Every now and again I get a couple of customers who live near each other who happen to buy their wine at the same time. When this occurs, and all of the stars align, I will try to deliver those wines myself... This week was one of those times.

Mike (a long time customer) and Amy (a brand new customer) both live in the same inner city Melbourne suburb. They both chose to support the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and they both ordered their wines on a Saturday afternoon. As I was heading into Melbourne the following week, I thought I would try and deliver their wines myself.

I was curious to find out if they knew each other as they had purchased the same wines. I also thought it might be a nice idea to try and calculate what kind of impact Mike's purchases have had on the ASRC over the years.

While I have many customers who have been with me for a lot longer than Mike, and so have bought a lot more wine - Hi Mum xx. Mum is one of Goodwill Wine's biggest fans, and then there's Stephen and Beryl and Yvonne and Kirsty and Diane and Eswen and Sarah and Meredith and Simon and Cheryl and... well, you get the picture... let's not turn this into an episode of Romper Room :)

The fact is that most of you tend to select different charities depending on what might be happening in the world at any given time. Mike presented an opportunity to see what might be achieved when only one organisation had ever been supported when purchasing wine.

What I discovered was incredible. Mike and his partner have been able to provide a hot lunch to three people seeking asylum here in Australia, every single day for a year and a half. And they've done it simply by buying wine they enjoy at a price that they like.

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet this lovely couple. While we were chatting in their front yard the local publican wandered past and said 'hello'. I liked him too. I suspect we will all be enjoying a wine down at their local before we know it. And for the record.. Yes, Amy is their friend and one of many they have introduced to Goodwill Wine.

I love it when all of the stars align.

Be like Mike (or Amy)

After an extensive poll of two customers living in one of Melbourne's inner city suburbs on a Wednesday afternoon, we came up with the two wines that Melbourne is currently enjoying at the moment. #statisticsdontlie

Pinot Noir 2019

Yarra Valley VIC

$23.95 $30.00 RRP

$287.40 / case

Chardonnay 2018

Adelaide Hills SA

$19.95 $27.00 RRP

$239.40 / case

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