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We're proud to support Animal Active by donating half of the profit from every bottle you purchase.

Animal Active is a non-profit volunteer based organisation that defends the right of all animals to live free from neglect, exploitation and abuse and seeks to educate for a cruelty-free future.

All of the wines below that support them are vegan-friendly.


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  • First timer? Try our 'can't-decide' box.

    Mixed Case

    Mixed Vintage

    A really great mix of red and white wines and 40% off rrp. Read More


    $179 / case
  • Smoother than Clooney.

    Shiraz 2017

    Central Victoria - Bendigo

    A smooth, medium-bodied shiraz loaded with white pepper and spice. Read More


    $167 / case

Shop happy. Every order has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don't love it, we'll refund you.

  • Meet our new best friend.

    Shiraz 2016

    Coonawarra SA

    Rich cherry and cranberry flavours with notes of white pepper and spices. Australian Shiraz we all love. Read More


    $191 / case
  • It will leave you wanting more.

    Merlot 2014

    Coonawarra SA

    Intense aromas of blood plum and spice. Succulent raspberry and blackberry and silky smooth tannin. Read More


    $179 / case
  • A beautiful wine for beautiful humans.

    Pinot Noir 2016

    Yarra Valley VIC

    Rich red cherries and blood plums with hints of earthiness and balanced smokey oak. Fantastic value. Read More



    $251 / case
  • Light and breezy, summer lovin.

    Rose 2019

    Eden Valley SA

    An attractive light bodied wine packed with summer fruits. Read More


    $173 / case
  • Sweet, sweet surrender.

    Moscato 2018

    Eden Valley SA

    If sweet is your thing, then you'll love this. Surrender to the rich tropical fruits. Read More


    $167 / case
  • It complements everything.

    Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2019

    Barossa SA

    An easy drinking summer afternoon wine that will pair with any food. Read More


    $179 / case
  • An awesome Aussie legend.

    Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Coonawarra SA

    This is no overly sweet NZ fruit bomb. It's textured, crisp and full of juicy tropical fruit with a beautiful dry finish. Read More



    $179 / case
  • Organic and orgasmic, just like you.

    Verdelho 2019

    Heathcote VIC

    Juicy tropical fruit with a long and vibrant finish. Really beautiful sunny drinking. Read More


    $173 / case
  • Even better than the ants pants.

    Riesling 2019

    Coonawarra SA

    Bursting with limes and green apples, this is a beautifully balanced wine with a long dry citrus finish. Read More


    $191 / case
  • Wooded chardonnay is back, baby.

    Chardonnay 2016

    Coonawarra SA

    A vibrant, textured wine with tropical fruit flavours, melons and peaches. It's an amazing thing. Read More



    $179 / case
  • Get the party started.

    Sparkling Brut 2018

    Limestone Coast SA

    Crisp green apples and yeasty notes complimented by a hint of cream. The perfect celebratory drink. Read More


    $167 / case
  • Loved by all.

    Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay 2018

    Eden Valley SA

    Pink lady apples with a touch of fig and honeyed brioche. Beautiful! Read More


    $179 / case
  • You will love how this makes you feel.

    Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 2015

    Macedon Ranges

    This is a seriously sophisticated wine. Read More



    $299 / case
  • Celebrate in style.

    Sparkling Cuvee 2012

    Central Victoria

    When only the best will do. Method traditional awesomeness. Read More



    $239 / case
  • All whitey then, you'll love these.

    Mixed White

    Mixed Vintage

    A great value cross-section of the current line-up. Read More


    $179 / case

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Shop happy. Every order has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don't love it, we'll refund you.



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