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Farewell Edna Louise Shaw.

Posted by David Laity on
Farewell Edna Louise Shaw.

My oldest customer passed away recently and it has affected me more than I thought it would. I have been unsure whether to write about it or not and decided if I did I didn't want anyone purchasing wine. There are no 'amazing' deals here.. I just want to celebrate a wonderful life.

I can't pinpoint when Edna first bought wine as she never ordered through the computer. She would phone and we would chat, usually for quite a while, and when I could I would deliver the box myself. 

Edna lived a couple of hours away in high assisted care so personal deliveries weren't terribly easy, but I looked forward to hearing Edna's stories of growing up in far north Queensland, her many different careers and the philanthropic work that she had done and even in her nineties, continued to do. Edna was a patron of the James Cook University in Townsville and had donated a sizeable collection to the uni's library amongst many other selfless pursuits throughout her life.

Edna's family were amongst the first settlers in Townsville. Her dad owned the first car in FNQ and she loved recalling stories of him giving rides to all of the children. Most of the children were extremely poor and so the car ride was an extra special treat. She loved that story but my favourite was the old mango tree out back of her house which she would climb with her friends and they would feast while looking out over the town and hills. She wasn't allowed to climb this tree and her eyes would sparkle with excitement and defiance when recounting it. I could clearly see the cheeky little girl that still lived inside her. Every story would inevitably lead to others and they all painted a very different life to how we live today. The main theme that ran throughout them all was a sense of community. Everybody was looking out for each other, whether they were friends or strangers, and even though she was living in a high care facility, I feel that Edna was deeply grieving the passing of that world. 

I don't believe Edna ever drank a single glass of my wine, instead she gave the bottles away as gifts, with most of those going to the staff who helped her. She loved kids and while she picked a lot of different charities to support over the years, as she got older she began to narrow in on causes that helped children living in poverty.

Edna was a beautiful soul and I'm going to miss her.


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