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Drink your way to a
better world.

We donate 50% of our profits to charity.
Does that mean for every bottle you buy
the world gets a little bit better?
Why yes, if you put it like that.

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Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz
Gift Pack


Shiraz 2020

McLaren Vale SA


$191.40 / case

Shiraz 2017

Coonawarra SA

$18.50 $28.00 RRP

$222.00 / case

Shiraz 2016

Barossa SA

$18.95 $27.00 RRP

$227.40 / case

Shiraz 2018

Heathcote VIC


$227.40 / case

Shiraz 2017

Adelaide Hills SA

$21.95 $32.00 RRP

$263.40 / case

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Coonawarra SA


$215.40 / case

Pinot Noir 2019

Yarra Valley VIC

$19.95 $30.00 RRP

$239.40 / case

Rose 2021

Eden Valley SA


$191.40 / case

Rose 2021

Adelaide Hills SA

$17.95 $22.50 RRP

$215.40 / case

Pink Moscato 2018

Limestone Coast SA


$191.40 / case

Our Favourite Reds


$203.40 / case

For the best range of red wines including boutique red wine, wine lovers you have come to the right place! Wine is internationally recognised as one of Australia's greatest assets, and you won’t be disappointed when you taste our range of Aussie dry red wines, sweet reds, full bodied red wines and light bodied wines. And that light bodied red wine is also light on your wallet - in fact all of our red wine varieties and different types of red wine are very affordable.

If full bodied wines are more your to your taste and you love nothing better than getting home after a long day, taking out your favourite balloon-style red wine glasses and pouring yourself a drop of a rich & complex red... we'd suggest our Shiraz Super Six pack. Shiraz is a traditional red grape with varying levels of grape sugar but it produces a deliciously rich wine. This mix of 6 different Shiraz includes award winning Australian wines that will please even the most discerning tastebuds.

It's long been known that red wines have many benefits on our health and are a great source of anti-oxidants. Even the latest news on the health benefits of red wines reinforces the benefits when consumed in moderation. We want to emphasise that last point as it's our mission to ensure the responsible service of alcohol.

Now let's talk wine regions, in case wine region is something you focus on when you buy red wine online. We work with an variety of excellent wine makers all across Australia. Wine lovers just love our sweet reds from the Limestone Coast and our great red wines from the Barossa Valley, including the stunning 2016 Shiraz - a seductive palate of dark plum and sour cherry. We also stock red wines from the Coonawarra region, the Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills plus many more. Currently we don't have in stock any red wines from the Hunter Valley or the Margaret River regions but we are hoping to add these wines to our collection soon.

Our Favourite Reds mixed case is a great starting point for a delicious variety of reds and is particularly suitable if you're looking to buy red wine for a special occasion.

Our Australian Shiraz and Merlot wines have medium levels of tannins, while our Cabernet Sauvignon is the one to go for if you're tastebuds enjoy strong tannins and dry wine.

Now if you're keen to try what we think is a very interesting experiment... we've got a Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc Gift Pack that includes one bottle aged in Oak barrels and the other bottle aged in Amphora pots. The exact same red grapes, same wine making process, aged in two different vessels produces an interesting end result. Read our blog post here for the full story on our Cabernet Sauvingon/Cabernet Franc pack.

To make it easier to find the best red wine online, our Reds list shows you at a glance both the wine region and types of red wine grapes that we offer. Plus with the advantage of our faster checkout you can shop online and we'll deliver direct to you - Australia wide!

If white wine is more your thing please check out our Whites page for a full list of amazing white wine that will suit any budget and any palate.

With the option to choose a charity to support when you order from Goodwill Wine you can feel good knowing that 50% of the profit from your order is going to a good cause. That means yes, the world gets a little bit better every time you choose Goodwill Wine to order wine online :)