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Online Wine: Why Buy Wine Online In Australia in 2022?

Posted by David Laity | Goodwill Wine on
Online Wine: Why Buy Wine Online In Australia in 2022?

Wine is obviously a popular drink, and with the rise of internet shopping it's easier than ever to order wine from your laptop or phone. And there are so many secrets that the big wine sellers would hate for you to ever find out, that we wanted to share with you the truth behind buying wine over the internet.

There are many advantages to buying wine over the internet, compared to from your local wine shop, and with the convenience of delivery for wine lovers, you'll never have to brave a long line again! As long as you're over the age of 18 years, you can order a bottle, or 12, for a better price than you would get in a bricks and mortar shop.

So here are some of the benefits of buying your wine over the internet, in Australia!

How the Internet is changing the way we buy wine

The Internet is one of the biggest reasons that buying wine on the web has become an easier process than ever. Now, there are many different websites that sell online, from more well-known brands to small independent sellers.

This means that you can get a huge range in prices and quantities, giving you plenty of choice and variety!

Should you buy wine online?

Yes! Purchase your wine via the web in Australia and be rewarded with a great range of shops to choose from.

The main benefit, however, comes from buying wines you wouldn't be able to find in a physical store. There are many different Australian wines that are only available online and this means that if you want something unique, you can buy it without having to drive to a store.

And in today's new-normal pandemic world, not having to leave the comfort of your own home is a bit of a no-brainer.

Buying wine online saves you from waiting in long queues

Here's a story, does this sound familiar to you?

One day, James was buying wine at the liquor store. He wasn't happy about it because he had to wait in line for a long time. When he finally reached the cash-out, he had waited 10 minutes - plus the 15 minutes, either way, spent getting to and from the liquor store.

Wouldn't it just have been easier if James had ordered something online? In fact, he could have ordered online and have been done in just a minute or two.

Then he could spend that extra time playing video games, watching Netflix or catching up on the news. Now James is never standing in line again when buying wine!

Be like James. Order wine right now, online, from Goodwill Wine, and enjoy the easy process of ordering direct from our website in minutes!

Buying from an online store gives you access to new bottles and variety

Before you even spend your time waiting in a long queue, you have to choose your bottle of wine. We've all sat there staring at the shelf and wondering what wine is going to go with whatever food we have at home, or if we'll regret getting the bottle we choose in the end!

Sometimes we browse so long that we find that 15 minutes have passed and we still have no idea which bottle to buy.

Wouldn't it be easier if you could just browse wines all in one catalogue, with descriptions, reviews and explanations of which wine is going to suit you?

Going to your bricks and mortar liquor store means browsing the same wines that you can get everywhere.

With Goodwill Wine you can get boutique wines, handpicked from Australia's best wineries for their incredible flavours. Plus, our great range of wineries that we work with means that you can get something special from a wine region you may have never tried before, and know that we will only give you the best boutique wines.

Buying wine on the internet is ethical and green

There are many reasons you may want to buy a bottle of wine on the web. One reason is ethical buying, which has become more important to many of us in recent years.

Now that people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and do what they can to protect the environment, ethically sourcing wines has become increasingly common.

Doing your research, knowing where your wines are coming from, if you're supporting a small business and if you're supporting a business who gives back, are all easier things to do when you source your bottles online!

For instance did you know that Goodwill Wine donates 50% of profits to a Charity of your choice? That means for every bottle you purchase, you're helping make the world a little bit better! It's a no-brainer honestly, especially when the wine is absolutely delicious.

You could even choose to donate to an environmental cause like Environment Education Victoria. Love animals? Choose for us to donate to Animal Australia, who we have now raised over $50,000 for.

In fact if you want to read more about our impact, you can do so here. But here’s a sneak peek:

Since I created Goodwill Wine in 2009, Goodwill Wine has given back over $450,000. This money has:

🥣 Provided over 200,000 meals for people living in poverty here in Australia.
🚒 Bought fire-fighting equipment, hi-vis wet weather gear and defibrillators for volunteer fire brigades.
🐑 Funded five International Animal Cruelty Investigations for Animals Australia.
🙉 Helped re-home over 50 orangutans.
🐶 De-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and re-homed over 100 rescue dogs and 150 rescue cats.
🐢 Played a role in introducing a plastic bag ban in Queensland.
🐳 Saved 12 Whales for Sea Shepherd by paying for fuel for their Southern Ocean campaigns.

Buying wine by the case is better than buying individual bottles

Do the maths! Whether you're buying on behalf of a person for a gift, or for yourself, the most economical and better way to buy any wine is always by the case.

Firstly it means that you have a range of quality wines to last you days, weeks or even a couple of months.

Secondly it means that you have variety in your case, if you choose one of our mixed cases! Imagine a mixed case made up of exclusive wines from small batches, a red wine you've never tried before, your favourite Cabernet Sauvignion, and a new and exciting white wine from the Yarra Valley, the many benefits of receiving a mixed case don't stop at it just being economical.

Thirdly, when you're struggling to think of a great gift for a friend, let's say it's the day of their birthday dinner and you have nothing to take with you, you don't need to waste time heading to the liquor store to pick up a present for them. You have plenty of wine ready to go, at home, perfect for gifting or bringing along to an event!

You can check the reviews from each happy (or unhappy) customer

Reviews are the lifeblood of buying online. How many of us won't touch something if it has no reviews listed?

Which is why another benefit of buying online Australian wine instead of in-person is being able to check those reviews and see comments and experiences from others! Know that you're getting a great wine, check reviews. It's the better way to choose your wine.

The experience of another customer could be the difference between you choosing a great red wine for a special occasion, and avoiding trying a new and exciting sounding white wine that just doesn't quite suit the menu you've cooked up for dinner!

It's this kind of free information that makes online wine buying so much better than buying it from a physical wine shop.

Get a wine club subscription and never worry about running out of wine again!

The benefits of a wine club subscription (like our Wine Club - get 10% off every bottle!) far outweigh regular old wine-buying. Not only do you get the best of online Australian wine shopping - convenience, variety and savings. You don't even have to worry about reordering. 

You simply sign up and subscribe to the Wine Club through our website, and then you receive your chosen quantity of wine, every 1, 3, 6 months, or however often you nominate!

Save hours spent over a year of purchasing wine, and enjoy the benefits of special offers for members, tasting notes and advice, and a number of exciting events throughout the year.

Delivery is a flat rate and the price is even better than if you buy order-to-order with a permanent 10% discount off the retail price.

Shipping is fast, but the best part is that once you subscribe, you can know exactly when your wine is going to next arrive, so no worries about your wine supply running low.

Instead, enjoy the best of both worlds - online wine ordering convenience - avoiding the stores while putting in minimal effort to even go shopping for your wine - great wine!

The best part?

As part of our Wine Club, you get variety from our boutique winery range. No need to keep an eye on our website and shop for which wines are new every few months, we will send you whichever varieties you like (reds, whites, mixed), and hand-select a range of our newest wines for you to enjoy.

So why buy Australian wine on the internet?

Buying Australian wine on the web is a great idea because you get to enjoy the convenience of being able to order from home without going into a store.

Buyers have access to many more wines online than they could in-store, and can read reviews for every wine before deciding on what type or quantity they want. Buyers also save money by buying by the case instead of individually.

If you're looking for some variety with your subscription service, sign up today! Whether you go for a subscription or just buy when you feel like it, buying online is the way to go!

Remember, by supporting a great wine seller like Goodwill Wine, you are supporting a multitude of charitable causes, and whichever feels the most important to you. After all, how many other wine sellers have amazing wine and donate 50% profits to charity?

Do the same restrictions apply to buying wine on the web and how sellers supply alcohol?

Yes. Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, all wine sellers are still obligated to provide responsible service to our wine lovers. Online wine sellers must have a liquor licence, and can't supply alcohol to any person under the age of 18. It's also illegal for a person under the age of 18 to obntain alcohol - even online.

Looking for a wine that helps save the world, one bottle at a time?

...While also tasting amazing wine?

Get 10% off your first order! Use the code OMOSNVT at checkout.

*One use per customer. Offer excludes Wine Club subscriptions and Choose Your Own customised products.

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