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Shiraz Cabernet 2017, Coonawarra SA

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Cabernet brings the elegance while Shiraz adds the ripe fruit flavours and velvety richness.

NOSE - Rich black current and blackberries with big dollops of dark plums and forrest floor funk. 

PALATE - This is a full bodied red without the super dry tannins on the end. Black currants are the hero with sidekicks black plum and green pepper providing back up. Ever present spices, tobacco and vanilla watch on from the sidelines, supporting but not overpowering. 

NOTES - It would appear that branding is everything SO when the bottler puts the wrong cap on a vineyard's bottle.... we are the winners. This wine has been gathering dust in the vineyard's shed for the past five years. What was meant to be a midnight blue cap on their $30 Shiraz Cabernet blend turned into an electric blue cap and it instantly became unsellable. It didn't fit the brand!

Luckily for all concerned the mistake got caught before the first pallet got bottled, so we have 57 cases of a lovely Aussie classic. This wine is everything you would expect from an iconic Australian blend - rich dark fruits, juicy black cherries, green peppers and spices with some tobacco and vanilla peeping through with age. In a nutshell, the Cabernet brings the elegance while the Shiraz adds the ripe fruit flavours and velvety richness.

VEGAN FRIENDLY - Like all of our wines, no animal products were used in the making of this wine.

SPECS - Coonawarra, 14.5% Alc/Vol, 8.4 standard drinks, Pres. 220 added, 750ml

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $12.95 per case (maximum 12 bottles per case) to anywhere in Australia - excluding QLD/TAS/WA/NT which cost a flat rate of $20 per case. When you order 2 x half cases we'll strap them together into one parcel, so you only pay for shipping once.

Your order will be dispatched from our warehouse in Gisborne, Victoria within 1-2 business days. The transit times below are based on Australia Post's estimates and may vary depending on your exact location.

Transit times:

VIC: 1-2 business days
NSW: 3-5 business days
SA: 3-5 business days
ACT: 3-5 business days
QLD: 4-6 business days
WA: 7-10 business days
NT: 6-11+ business days
TAS: 4-7 business days

We're confident you'll love our wine, but if you don't then we'll happily refund you.

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