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Sauvignon Blanc 2023, Limestone Coast SA


There's grapefruit in all its confidence along the duality of passionfruit and lemon rind. A dry wine with some high acid shine. Yummy!

NOSE - Citrus of grapefruit and lime inspires. There's also some playful passionfruit, with a delightful subtle waft of fairy floss and beeswax.

PALATE - Pale lemon in colour and light to medium in body this white is dry and has some high acid shine. There's grapefruit in all its confidence, the duality of passionfruit with an entire rind of lemon (in one piece). You’ll also find some hips of pear and mouth smacking wet rock.

NOTES - This little lovely is like listening to your fav tune, riding that wave (…at a guess), meeting that eye. It sends all the right signals to the synapses. Citrus dominates while touching your arm. There was some debate amongst the tasters as to whether this was a dry one or off-dry one - with a little residual sugar. You be the judge. A very yummy drop and at this price, exceptional value.

VEGAN FRIENDLY - Like all of our wines, no animal products were used in the making of this wine.

SPECS - Limestone Coast, 12% alc/vol, 7 standard drinks, Pres. 220 added, 750ml

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $12.95 per case (maximum 12 bottles per case) to anywhere in Australia - excluding QLD/TAS/WA/NT which cost a flat rate of $20 per case. When you order 2 x half cases we'll strap them together into one parcel, so you only pay for shipping once.

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Transit times:

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TAS: 4-7 business days

We're confident you'll love our wine, but if you don't then we'll happily refund you.

Customer Reviews

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Very tasty

I bought two types one limestone coast and the other Coonawarra. There were no comparison. Limestone won by a mile