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The good people at Heart and Soul Rescue Incorporated recently received a phone call about a kitten found lying next to a digger sparked immediate concern for the Heart & Soul Cat rescue team. They swiftly arranged to meet with an employee so they could remove a trapped Mum and her kittens.

It was an RDO for the employee but he still met them so they could gain access.. Sadly, there was no sign of Mum and she hadn’t eaten the food that had been left for her (hopefully she is safe and alive somewhere).
Inside there were two tiny, lifeless bodies lying deep down on the floor of the engine bay and another little kitten tucked away.
It was impossible to get to the kittens so they had to remove a steel access panel on the undercarriage of the digger. They were all still alive, though only just. They were so cold and stiff that they were actually rigid and felt like little ice blocks.
With the car heater on full and the kittens tucked down their tops, the kittens were rushed over to a foster carer, who had everything ready to warm their little bodies up to a temperature where it was safe to begin trying to feed them.
Initially feeding was a struggle as they were just so weak. Sadly, two of the kittens passed. But the foster carer remained on 24 hour duty keeping the two remaining babies alive and they are continuing to fight on.

With a few scares along the way that have involved rushing the kittens to the vet to have IV fluids administered, and treating infections with antibiotics, they had a great will to live and keep fighting. These two bubs have been christened Kubota and Komatsu ... one little boy and one little girl, who despite being so small and underdeveloped, are loving life.

What an amazing story of fight and survival and an extraordinary effort by the Heart & Soul team, and exactly WHY we support them!


More Pictures of Kubota and Komatsu

How to help support Heart & Soul with everyday wine purchases.

If you love wine and love helping recue cats you can support them too by purchasing wine and selecting them as your charity to donate 50% of the profits to them, please help us, help them save more kittens just like Kubota and Komatsu.