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Love Your Sister Top 8 Partnership Proposal.

After 10 years and half a million dollars donated I am transforming Goodwill Wine.

We are in the process of reinventing Goodwill Wine and I would like to offer Love Your Sister a seat at the head of our new look table.

This offer is only going out to seven of the three hundred charities we currently support and you. These eight charities will benefit from over 75% of our total donations.

We will still be asking all of the charities we support to do a mutually agreed upon number of social media posts each year, however we will also be providing our top 8 with an ongoing marketing budget to further promote their wines outside of their organic social feeds.

These paid promotions will drive your supporters into your own six week 'welcome' email flows designed to nurture them into purchasers. These flows are extremely effective and will lock in their future donations to you.

Our customers have an average lifetime value of three and a half cases after their initial purchase.

Our Second Significant Change.

The majority of our customers are coming to our website independent of a charity promoting the wines. Consequently, they are making their charity selections from the limited number of charities featured in the shopping cart at checkout.  

To this end, we have decided to only feature the eight charities I am offering this proposal to in our checkout. We will be removing the 'choose from more charities' button entirely from the shopping cart.

  • 52% of all purchases come from our weekly newsletters.
  • 39% come from google searches.
  • 9% come from charity promotions.

Once a customer selects a charity to support, that selection remains with that supporter when they return to make their next wine purchase.

Featuring Love Your Sister in the checkout and nurturing your supporters through your own personalised Goodwill Wine 'welcome' email flow, locks them into all future purchases in support of you.

Being one of our top eight charities will dramatically increase your donations.

How Will Your 'Welcome' Email Flow Work?

We have been celebrating our 'half a million dollars donated' milestone with a competition giving away wine every single day! The promotion has been so succesful that we will be doing it forever more.

We created a simple Facebook ad where people can enter our competiton by subscribing to our weekly email. The process was quick and as you can imagine, extremely popular.

Once subscribed, they entered into our weekly email flows and began converting into sales.

The cost of the wine given away and running the ad was less than the income generated from the purchases, allowing us to scale up our ad spend.

I will work personally with your marketing team to replicate this process and send your supporters to your own dedicated sign up page and subsequently into your own bespoke Goodwill Wine 'welcome' email flow.

Your flow will go weekly for six weeks, featuring relevant, heart warming stories (many already written and successfully tested on our existing audiences) and hard-to-refuse offers, all aimed at working through the touch points required to convert your supporters into ongoing wine purchasers supporting Love Your Sister.

Once your supporters purchase, they are locked in to you for all future purchases, in turn dramatically increasing your ongoing donations.

As these are paid promotions, these posts will never appear in your organic social feeds. 


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