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Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc Gift pack


Same grapes, same winemaker, but two very different wines.

This opportunity doesn't come around every day. In fact we've never seen it before.

These are two wines from a small boutique vineyard in the heart of the Yarra Valley. They are the same vintage, the same grapes and the same blend: Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (60/40). The only difference is that one has been made in French oak barrels and the other in amphoras - clay pots originally used in Old-world European winemaking.. And believe us when we say the difference is astounding.

Using indigenous yeasts, minimal intervention and no fining or filtering, these two natural wines showcase what is possible when great fruit and natural techniques are expertly crafted into beautiful wine using two polar opposite techniques.

Whichever you prefer, if you’re at all interested in wine, you’ll relish this chance to experience just how the winemaking process influences flavour and how a wine can evolve over the course of hours and days.

Who knows when an opportunity like this might come again?

Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Blend 2019 'Amphora' - The use of amphora in creating this wine feels to us that it has enabled an honest cohesion of the two varietals. As the terracotta does not typically impart its own flavours the fruits are given the liberty to be themselves, encouraging a sense of playfulness. Minerality, bright fruit and a big line of acid are in the spotlight here. It is best decanted or at least allowed to breathe for a minimum of an hour to allow the subtleties to pop. You can expect this little number to take on a life of its own as it continues to open up and evolve over the course of hours and days (day two was our favourite). As the acid takes backstage, the fruit steps into the limelight and begins a mesmerizing and enduring dance. This is an alluring and sexy drop we wanted to make last as looong as possible and with its sizeable length this was easily done.

This is a light to medium bodied red with a high level of acids and great legs. Beautifully balanced with super fine chewy tannins. The mouth feel is something to experience; cherry, white pepper, pronounced minerality with a lingering chilli kick that tangos on the tongue.

Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Blend 2019 'French Oak' - All the flavour benefits of Cabernet Sauvignon with the lightness and spice of Cabernet Franc. We found this drop had more of a delicious punch than a lingering savour. The spices were like stumbling upon a brass band marching in all its glory. Combine this with gutsy herbaceousness, fruit and dusty tannins, this cab combination proved to be a delectable treat. It is hard to believe that this is the same wine as the amphora. The oak has tamed the acid, delivering a much more traditional wine. While we fell in love with the journey that the amphora took us on, this oaked version is fast proving to be one of our more popular wines with our customers.

This is a light to medium bodied red with fine dusty tannins. Flavours of dark plum, cherry, bell pepper and white pepper with a tiny sprinkle of chocolate and minerality. This gift pack comes with one of each wine and as with all of our wines, they are vegan friendly.

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $12.95 per case (maximum 12 bottles per case) to anywhere in Australia - excluding QLD/TAS/WA/NT which cost a flat rate of $20 per case.

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We're confident you'll love our wine, but if you don't then we'll happily refund you.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Two very different wines

These two wines are so different its amazing they are made from the same grapes. We really appreciated the notes that came with the case and let the one made in clay breathe as suggested. It changed so much. It softened and opened up beautifully. I loved it while my partner loved the oak one. Thanks for the experience. Chris.

Great wine, prompt delivery

Very happy to receive the gift pack in perfect time for Christmas. This is a gift for our hosts on Christmas day.
The other wine we ordered has been fantastic and I especially like the company ethos and philosophy.

Kathryn White
Superb wine

I am really pleased to have found such a great gift alternative and whilst also giving to the wombat protection society. Very prompt delivery and a great company

A good gift for those who enjoy their reds

I bought this for my Dad for Father's Day as a slightly different variety to his usual. He was intrigued and looking forward to tasting it, as he has enjoyed the other wines I've bought from Goodwill Wines in the past. Plus, an excellent cause as well!

Heather Dekkers
Awesome Wine

Absolutely love this wine, both very nice. Would buy again.