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How many owls does it take to help one orangutan?

Posted by David Laity on
How many owls does it take to help one orangutan?

It's a confusing question but the answer was right in front of us all the time - three of course. Meet The Three Owlmigos (named by my daughter, Betty, not me)

Betty (10) will often come to work with me on weekends for a bit of pocket money. We mostly make up boxes and besides being a good little saver, she will occasionally buy a Beanie Boo.. or three.

Last weekend while putting together boxes, Betty asked me if she could donate some of her money to charity. I was curious to know 'who' she had in mind seeing as owls are obviously the flavour of the month (see what I did there? 'Who'.. owls.. OK, dad joke at best)

Anyway, Betty surprised me when she said orangutans. I was even more surprised when she asked if it was ok to give them $200. I knew this was all the money she had.

So what should a responsible father do? $200 seems like a lot for a 10 year old.

We went back to box making and after giving it some thought, I said yes, she could. My primary goal for Betty is to help her become a kind adult, however if she can be clever too, then that would be icing on the cake. So I suggested that we might be able to turn her $200 into $400 for the Orangutans.

Over the years we have had lots of customers step up and offer to match our donations from your wine purchases. I love this concept and think it's really smart donating, but in all this time we've never had a kid do it. Perhaps its inappropriate but frankly I don't care. As I said, kind and clever is my goal.

I would love to show Betty that thinking outside of the box is a powerful skill and there is a loving community of people here who are already doing just that.

And while I know $200 isn't very much, it's a whole lot better than nothing, and to a 10 year old it is everything.

Better still, we found out today on our way to school that The Orangutan Project are soon to launch a double donation special as well.

With your help we are going to turn Betty's $200 into $800!!

So, for as long as it takes, Betty is matching all of the donations from your purchases in support of The Orangutan Project and then a kind supporter of The Orangutan Project will be doubling it again. That's 200% of the profit from any wine you buy.

I'll let you know next week how close we get.

Kind regards


Founder - Goodwill Wine

So, how did it all play out?

What started as an idea by a 10-year-old to donate her pocket money to help save an orangutan turned into our customers buying wine in support, and then a kind stranger agreeing to match us all!

We sailed past Betty's $200 in pocket money overnight with the end result being $1000 raised in just 24 hours, simply by enjoying some tasty wines.

And the merch from The Orangutan Project was the icing on the cake.

Thank you to everyone who helped a young girl get a taste of the power and joy of giving.

Kind regards from a very proud dad.

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    Keep being awesome Betty !!!
    Save the orangutan !! Amanda Dorn
    Animal Justice Party WA

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