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We're Doubling Donations to Support Women.

Posted by David Laity on
We're Doubling Donations to Support Women.

In response to the events of the past few months, there really doesn't feel like much I can say that will actually help ease the pain for women in Australia.

Acknowledging that there is an enormous inequality problem and saying sorry doesn't cut it. And trying to genuinely empathise feels hollow considering how much of my life benefits simply from being male.

The fact is that I have no idea of what it is like to be a woman, and any man who thinks he does is more than likely part of the problem and not the solution.

One way I can help is by doubling our donations to a charity that supports women in crisis. So from now until Monday (International Women’s Day), we’re giving 100% of profits to Karinya House. For over 22 years, Karinya House has provided immediate support for women who are pregnant or have new babies and nowhere else to turn.

They are a community based, grass roots, local organisation that operates around the clock doing absolutely incredible work. We love them with every fibre of our being and reckon you should too :)

(added 11th May: Thanks to our incredible customers we raised $1400 for Karinya House over one weekend)


I believe most men want to be good and do good, however I've really struggled lately trying to figure out what I can do that might be remotely useful. After much thought there are three things that I feel we as men can all do to help...

1. The first is to call out misogyny and abuse wherever we see it, and lead by example.

2. The second is to try and educate the young men in our lives about gender equality. Many of you will be familiar with this video, but it is a great place to start.



3. The third is to support the women in our lives in any way we can. This doesn't involve mansplaining or making decisions that we think are in their best interests. It means providing a safe environment for our partners, sisters, friends and colleagues to make their own decisions and determine their own destinies.

I could be wrong, but I suspect it might really be this simple.


Loved by all.

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