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How's This for a Good Idea?

Posted by David Laity on
How's This for a Good Idea?

'Why would I buy wine from you lot when I could donate directly?' Tony B

Well Tony, that's a fair point particularly if you were never going to buy wine anyway...

So, How About This For A Good Idea?

Over the years we have been able to run promotions that double the donations for a lot of different charities. You may have even bought wine because the equivalent of 100% of the profit from your purchase was going to a fantastic cause.

This 'doubling'occurs when one of our customers was going to donate some money directly to a charity and they wanted to see if they could effectively 'double their donation' by matching anyone who buys wine in support of their chosen cause.

It has been incredibly effective and often the charities they have wanted to support have gotten behind it as well. A little over a year ago the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre did just that, and our generous supporter was able to raise an extra $2868 over two weeks. They were going to donate $3000 and instead managed to raise $5,868 at no extra cost to themsleves. That's a lot of extra meals going to people in need.

But it doesn't have to be in the $1000s..

You could do it for as little as $100 and we could turn that into $200 going to your chosen cause. It really is that simple.

We did it in 2019 for The Orangutan Project and doubled a customer's donation from $450 to $900.

And we did it recently for International Women's Day and raised an extra $600 for Karinya House in just 48 hours. This is a shelter providing immediate support for women who are pregnant or have new babies and nowhere else to turn.

These are just a few examples, but you get the gist.

You don't have to buy wine! But if you are ever thinking of donating directly to charity, we would love to chat with you about matching your donation no matter what the size.

We're kicking it off with the double donation below..


Double Donations For The Thin Green Line

The Thin Green Line are all about Wildlife Rangers. Protecting the protectors of the World’s wildlife & wild places is what they do. They do this by providing vital support to Rangers in developing nations and marginalised communities worldwide.


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